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Free Pre-College Mentoring

- College Financial Planning
- Analysis of Major & Career
- Meal, Clothing & Move to College Help
- Private Tutoring

At the Schell Foundation we strive to provide assistance to Student Athletes who aspire to play at the Collegiate level. Assistance will vary by applicant based on need and availability of funding.

We will help you tap into local trainers in your area that are available. This will ensure the highest possible level of athletic performance can be obtained. The Schell Foundation will partner with local trainers and programs that are well known and maintain high standards for excellence. The Schell Foundation has assisted Student Athletes that train with AEP (Athletic Edge Performance), FSP (Ford Sports Performance), RISE, HEIR, and Grid Iron Sports.

Assistance is available to help find Private Tutors that are available for those that are in need of extra help in the classroom. Education is of great value and without the grades, the Student Athletes journey can surely end at the High School level. This assistance is available for High School level Student Athletes only.

Having solid Meals, Clothing and Moving Assistance is essential for every College Bound Student Athlete. We strive to provide items as needed per Student Athlete. There is no shame in not having the resources to have the basic essentials and it is imperative to your college success story.

Power in Numbers




Student Athletes Assisted

$1,298,562 Funded to Programs

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