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The Schell Foundation is dedicated to empowering communities through impactful education and sustainable development projects. Learn about our mission, values, and the inspiring journey of our founders, Andrew and Mandy Schell, as they work to create lasting positive change for families and communities.



Meet Andrew and Mandy Schell, a dynamic duo with a blended family of seven, dedicated to making a difference in their community and beyond. Their journey is a testament to their commitment to bettering both their family and the communities they serve.

Andrew Schell

Andrew Schell, an entrepreneur at heart, founded the Schell Foundation to reflect his dedication to building from the ground up and making meaningful impacts. Guided by his faith in God and a deep love for family and community, Andy's principles shine through in every endeavor.

Beginning his federal contracting career in 2000 with the Department of Defense, Andy founded and led a Design Build company, constructing over $100 million in military projects. After selling the company in 2014, he served as Chief Strategy Officer and President for a privately held company, where he led mergers and acquisitions, raised $43 million in private equity, and took the company public on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

For over 15 years, Andy developed more than 200 lots for low-income housing with the Kitsap County Housing Authority, providing first-time housing for many single-parent and starter families.

In response to the 2020 high school football shutdown in Washington State, Andy formed the HEIR-Eagles, the state’s first club high school tackle football team. Through his connections with ex-NFL superstar Deon Sanders, he arranged an All-Star game in Texas, leading to numerous athletic scholarships for over 60 student athletes. Driven by a desire to help student athletes achieve their college dreams, Andy's efforts through the Schell Foundation have had significant educational impacts.


His business expertise spans investing, operations, mergers and acquisitions, finance, federal contracting, and real estate development. Andy's legacy is one of leadership, service, and unwavering commitment to bettering his community.

Mandy Schell

Mandy, a powerhouse in her own right, spent 18 years in State Government before transitioning into the world of entrepreneurship. She now runs a successful women's networking group (PNW Women's Network), bringing together 250 women in small business through impactful events and fostering a supportive community. Mandy also operates a fractional HR company, providing essential services to small business owners. Recently, she obtained her real estate license, playing a crucial role in helping the Schell Foundation acquire properties for their various projects.

Together, Andrew and Mandy blend their extensive experience and passion to drive the mission of the Schell Foundation. Their shared commitment to community development and personal growth exemplifies the core values they instill in their family and their work.

Modern Kitchen


At the Schell Foundation, our mission is to invest in the heart of our communities by creating sustainable, impactful infrastructure and educational opportunities. We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals and families through thoughtful construction projects, innovative design, and comprehensive educational programs. By focusing on the unique needs of each community, we aim to build a brighter, more resilient future for all.



Our vision is to be a catalyst for positive change, transforming communities through the power of construction and education. We envision a world where every community has access to quality infrastructure and learning opportunities that empower individuals and families to thrive. By investing in our collective future, we strive to build not just buildings, but stronger, more connected communities where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

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