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Free College Selection & Recruitment Help

- Free College Selection & Recruitment Assistance
- Help with College Campus Visits
- Game Day Visits
- Unofficial Visits

Many High School Student Athletes dream of playing at the next level. Current around 7% or 1 in 13 High School Student Athletes make it onto a Varsity Sport in College. Less than 2% of the Student Athletes get to play at NCAA DI Colleges. One of the most essential tools a College Bound Student Athlete can get from the Schell Foundation is the Guidance on making a College Selection. This can be the biggest choice a Student Athlete has made in their lives. Let us help guide you through this process. The Schell Foundation will create, distribute, and manage a College Recruitment Profile. This will be shared with a large network of Coaches nationwide. We utilize a network of Coaches to get the Student Athlete Profile in front of as many Colleges as possible. We have connections with NCAA DI, DII and DIII Colleges as well as NAIA Colleges across the country.

College visits are essential for families and Student Athletes in need of visiting their college of interest so they can see what they are getting themselves into. Typically during season this is in the form of a Game Day Visit. Most of the visits are "Unofficial" visits to allow for flexibility.

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